Spring marks new beginnings. It doesn’t matter if you finished your swim season as Olympic Champion, or you found yourself disappointed and unhappy with your results, it’s a new season of swimming and the slate has been wiped clean. Everyone is back at square one, ready to prove themselves. This is the time when new goals are made, and the work begins again. So, you ask yourself, what does this new season hold for you?

We asked ourselves that same question and the exciting news is that change is in the air!! We welcome boylegs to our range in addition to our trunks; they are a wide side briefs cut! We have had a lot of requests for these and they are FINALLY here!! We also decided that our spring collection is going to be bigger and better than ever before!! That means more pieces, more colours and more reasons to get your hands on our newest collection! Stay tuned for our next blog post where we will share with you all the exciting designs of the spring collection.

In the meantime, enjoy this behind the scenes clip of our 2015/2016 photo shoots which includes a sneak peek of our new collection!