Zealous athlete Josh Beaver has recently returned from his first Olympic Games. Josh did incredibly well to qualify to the semi-finals in the 100 & 200 back. We thought we would ask him a few questions about his experiences in Rio to share with you…

What was your favourite experience in Rio?

My favourite experience in Rio would have to be, being apart of the Australia Swim team cheer squad. Most nights I was able to sit with my teammates in the grandstand and cheer on our final swimmers. Watching ‘our team’ in action was pretty amazing, from the highs and lows we all supported each other greatly.

What was it like to compete for your country at the highest level – the Olympic Games!?

It’s a pretty special feeling, hopefully something that any swimmer or athlete will get to experience at some point throughout their career. To pull on the Green and Gold at the beginning of every day and to know that you are representing your country makes you proud, knowing that you get to leave it out there and experience something special at the Olympics is something I personally will look back on and reflect on how proud and lucky I am to be Australian.

What was the atmosphere like when you raced?

I was fortunate enough to have a Brazilian in my race, in the lane next to me. To have 11,000 people cheering for their own country representative is energetic and loud. It’s very hard to explain what is actually happening in your mind, but I’m sure we will be able to create that atmosphere at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

What was village life like?

Village life was busy. A whole lot of unknown could have happened at one time, from waiting 10 minutes for a bus, having to wait 10 minutes at dining, on some occasions having to walk 750m to get to dining and then on the odd occasion a superstar would be walking around the village, for example Serena and Venus Williams. The village was in fact very picturesque.

What is it like being part of the Australian Olympic Swim Team?

To be part of the Australian Swim Team that competed at the Rio Olympic Games for me would be one of my most memorable experiences from the Games. The team is like a family. We all understand what it had taken to get to where we were, we all rode the emotional rollercoaster together and we were all there to swim our very best for ourselves, but also our Country. I have made some lifelong friends and had experiences that I won’t ever forget being a part of the Australian Olympic Swim team.

Who was the most famous person you met?

I was fortunate enough to be working out in the gym at the village alongside Novak Djokovic. But in terms of personally meeting someone, I got to meet the former World Record holder and arguably the greatest man to swim backwards in history Aaron Peirsol.

What was your favourite race to watch at the Olympics?

My favourite race to watch at the Olympics was the 400 Freestyle dominated by Mack Horton. It was the best 3.41.55 minutes and fortune enough for me was on night 1, and I was racing on day 2 which got me pretty pumped up. I had seen Mack, being a current Victorian grow up in the sport and to witness greatest at the Olympics was a pretty special feeling.


 Josh Beaver pictured at training with fellow Zealous athlete Jess Hansen

Josh Beaver pictured at training with fellow Zealous athlete Jess Hansen