4 days of intense competition at the Australian Commonwealth Games Swimming Trials has finished – and what a few days it was!! With so much that happened on each night of finals, we decided to pick our top 6 moments from the trials!

1.     NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!!! That’s right – the first final of the trials saw Mikki Sheridan place 4th in the 200m freestyle, which meant that 10 long years after qualifying for her first Australian Junior Team, Mikki had finally got her foot through the door and stepped up to make her first Open Australian Team!

2.     Kat Downie proved to us that hard work and perseverance pays off!!! Seeing her get back on the Australian Swim Team was thrilling to say the least!

3.     Grant Irvine’s 200m fly showed guts. Arguably one of the toughest events on the program, Grant never fails to make it an exciting race to watch, and we now cannot wait to see what he does at the Commonwealth Games!

4.     Kiah Melverton, our distance queen!! Seeing her earn selection in one of the more tactical races – the 800m free was amazing!!

5.     Elle Cole – can she do no wrong!? We particularly LOVED watching her in the 100 freestyle where she DOMINATED (as always). This girl is a true golden girl, and after her many injuries providing frustrating setbacks, we are thrilled to see her back to her best!!!

6.     Our breaststroke girls!! What a duo – Leiston Pickett and Jess Hansen placed 2nd and 3rd in the 100m breaststroke and earned their spot on the Commonwealth Games in style!! What can they do next month? Only time will tell – all we know is that WE WILL BE CHEERING!!!

Thanks to all of the athletes who made these 4 days of racing exhilarating to watch!!! To those who achieved their goals, we congratulate you, and to those who were disappointed, we can’t wait to see what you will bring to the pool next time!! A swimming career is full of highs and lows and both are equally as important in shaping not only the swimmer you are but also who you are as a person!!

Now bring on the Commonwealth Games!!!!!