Welcome to our very first blog post! I know you are all just bursting with excitement (or at least we are). We will be posting about all things Zealous, swimming, diving and triathlon. Plus anything else that we feel like sharing with you all! To get the ball rolling, due to our love of coffee, we decided to have a coffee break from working on actual work and have a conversation about all things Zealous so you can get to know what the brand is all about! Here at Team Zealous headquarters is Hollie Piper and assistant Katie Goldman. Hollie is the creator and director of Zealous swimwear she is also a wife and mum of two beautiful children. Katie is a recently retired Australian Swimmer, who along with Alice Tait was the very first Zealous athlete (Zealous fun fact of the day)!

Katie: So first blog!! How did the idea of creating Zealous come about?

Hollie: Zealous is ultimately a reflection of my beliefs and creative style. I grew up living in swimwear. I was a diver, swimmer and water polo player, and altogether lover of water. I am also a very creative person and specialise in pencil illustration, digital graphics and conceptual art. I decided to channel my love of swimwear and my creativeness into a brand.

Katie: You gave Zealous a motto of ‘strength, courage and inspire’ can you explain what your vision for Zealous is?

Hollie: I wanted a brand motto that was going to promote being your best possible self! Sport isn’t just about winning medals (although it is nice to), but it’s about how it builds your character.

Katie: Following on from that, tell me about #teamzealous!

Hollie: My team is made up of athletes that are hardworking, inspirational in their own unique ways and best of all, they love our brand. I am honoured to have athletes representing Zealous who are not only achieving amazing things in the pool, but also outside of it, which is a testament to their character.

Katie: Recently Zealous has changed its material to recycled polyester… Can you tell me about that?

Hollie: I am very environmentally conscious and anything we can do to not only improve our products but also help our environment is a priority for me. Furthermore, when first testing out the recycled polyester in our suits, we got amazing feedback from our athletes in regards to how soft it was, its stretch capacity and how it makes the colours on our suits even more vibrant!

Katie: Where do you get your inspiration for Zealous designs?

Hollie: Everywhere!! Experiences, travel, photos, friends, events, colours!

Katie: What excites you most about Zealous?

Hollie: It’s possibilities and what the brand stands for.

Katie: What countries currently have stores that stock Zealous?

Hollie: Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France and Netherlands.

Katie: Can we share a teaser about what is in store for the next collection, Spring?

Hollie: For the girls and womens range think mystical forest, for the boys and mens range think bold and brave.

Well we are going to return to doing actual work. Coffee break is over, although we could chat forever! Stay tuned for more blog posts coming your way soon!!

Hollie and Katie xx