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Spring 2016 Has Arrived!

Posted on 01 09 2016

We promised you a collection that is bigger and better than ever before and we hope you are as excited about it as we are about it!

The women’s spring collection is titled, ‘Woodland Wonder’ and is inspired by a dream like world where the beauty of nature meets a little bit of magic. To introduce this collection we thought we would give you a little insight into the design process which Hollie Piper, director and creator of Zealous undertakes in creating a new collection. Hollie starts by envisioning a central theme for a collection, adding to this vision board each time she is inspired.  Hollie believes a collection should tell a story, and this collection centres on a dreamer, she is a soul searcher and a wanderer. She has direction but is deep in thought. Her mind craving exploration and her eyes telling tales of mysterious adventures. She believes in climbing mountains and touching the stars. She is fearless in her pursuit of greatness, always believing in herself, and because of these traits, she will achieve more than anyone thought possible. In this collection you will see intricate patterns, a stunning array of colours, butterflies and designs reflective of a world where magic comes to life and anything is possible.

Zealous Swimwear

The men’s spring collection is equally as exciting, especially with the addition of the boyleg brief cut! Titled, ‘We are the Resistance’ this collection is inspired by the notion that life shoots us down sometimes. You will feel the impact and you may crack; but if you wear your failure as armor you will be unstoppable. You’ll be unshakable. You’ll fight because you know that when you fall you can always rise and when they challenge you again, you’ll know you are unbreakable. Each piece in this collection embraces wearing your failures as armor, because it is the tough times you have faced which make you strong.

Zealous Swimwear

We hope you enjoy the new pieces and don't forget to share your Zealous moments with us on Instagram. Just tag @zealous_swim #zealousswimwear

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